Gautam Khattar is an energetic young dynamic, Motivational Speaker, Writer & Journalist: Promotes a Hindu Culture as Sanatani. He is known for his coverage of Haridwar Maha Kumbh as he has done many interviews with Naga Sadhus and Babas in Maha Kumbh Mela 2021. Recently crossed 827k subscribers on his YouTube and 664k on Instagram. He also acts as the youngest spiritual motivator speaking ever deeper about the golden principles of Sanatan Dharm Bhagwadgeeta Vedas and Upanishads. He is popular with Youngsters precisely because of his speaking and the way he answers several questions regarding misconceptions about religion, he influences Young Minds.

Gautam Khattar- As a Versatile Person

Gautam is very fond of being photographed, he has very few friends whom he consider very close and the two often appear together on several social platforms.

After reading the book “The Light of Truth” he considers Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati as the ideal of his life and believes that reading the Light of Truth leads to unimaginable changes in one’s life, every person must read this book. He wants to present his views in the Indian Parliament one day.

Gautam Khattar’s main aim is to make the youth of India religiously aware; often has conversations with strangers. Through this, he wants to explain to the Indian people who are looking at how great your Sanatan Dharma is. Which is praise by the whole world.

Gautam Khattar always gives a message to the youth not to be arrogant. He says that connecting with the earth makes one successful, no matter how much you fly in the sky. But your feet should always stay on the ground. Most of Gautam Khattar’s videos are viral on all Hindu-related social media platforms getting millions of views.

In a Recent Podcast, at The Social lite with the host ‘Manvi Katyayan’. He shares his thoughts and an overview related to Hindu Dharma. Also gives a message to our youth through this Podcast. You can’t afford to miss this episode. Go and Watch it now!



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