Resham Kamboj, the founder of Tarot – Tree of Life, is recognized as the preeminent tarot card practitioner in India. Moreover, she has achieved acclaim as a TEDx speaker, imparting profound insights and specialized knowledge about tarot reading and its correlation with life’s odyssey. Firmly adhering to the belief in the transcendent essence of life, she attributes her affinity for spirituality to her familial lineage, being the offspring of a Tarot Card Reader and the descendant of an Astrologer. Asserting that “Spirituality courses through my veins, and I have been designate to traverse this path,”. She transition from a former role as a Bollywood Fashion Stylist to embark on her online journey in tarot card reading, driven by a deep-seated calling to assist individuals, particularly during periods of uncertainty.

She stands out as a distinguished Akashic Reader and Spiritual Healer. Her remarkable proficiency in delving into the Akashic Records sets her apart in the realm of spiritual exploration and healing.

Nurtured by Spiritual Lineage

Rooted in a familial heritage deeply connect to tarot reading and astrology. Resham Kamboj’s spiritual journey is informed by the profound influence of her lineage. As the daughter of a Tarot Card Reader and granddaughter of an Astrologer. Spirituality is not merely a choice for her but an innate calling she has embraced with unwavering dedication.

RESHAM KAMBOJ: Bridging the Worlds

Formerly a Bollywood Fashion Stylist, Resham transitioned into the realm of Akashic Reading and Spiritual Healing online. Recognizing it as her life’s purpose to guide and assist individuals, particularly during times of uncertainty. Her unique ability to bridge the spiritual and material worlds makes her an invaluable source of insight and support in the spiritual healing community.

Resham, an accomplished and certified Tarot Reader, Teacher, and Angel Therapist, brings an extensive reservoir of expertise to every interaction. Her specialization encompasses various mystical practices, including Reiki, Ethical Spells, Akashic Reading, Angel Therapy, and Lamafera. As a reliable guide, Resham assists individuals in their quest for clarity and healing.

In this intriguing episode, Resham extends an invitation to delve into the mysterious realms of the Evil Eye and Black Magic, shedding illumination on the subtle energies that persistently envelop us. Also shared her opinion on recent incident with bollywood Actoress ‘Sara Ali Khan’. Through her profound insights and gentle guidance, she reveals potent remedies to dispel negativity and foster a life enriched with positivity and abundance.

Embark with us on a spiritual journey of discovery alongside Resham Kamboj. As she unravels the secrets to harnessing the forces of light in a world often obscured by shadows.

In a Recent Podcast at ‘TheSocialLite’ with a host ‘Manvi Katyayan’. She shares a lives experiences of Tarot card reading, Akashic Readings and soo much, which you can’t miss. Watch this episode at or you can watch it on our Youtube Channel.

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